Peg Boggs

The sweet, always nursing, always attentive, petting Peg, played by Dianne Weist is one of the most memorable characters from the early movies of Johnny Depp. Dianne Weist, with her experience, has a lot more Leading Lady quality, in fact, than Johnny´s love interest at the time Winona Ryder. And you can never forget, how she sets things in motion in this movie with her «I think you better come HOME with me!»

Peg Boggs was the Mother Hen for Edward Scissorhands, a suburb housewife and Avon representative with a mission. She wanted to do good so desperately and never hesitated, but her good intentions were not met with equal respect from the suburb folks. After losing interest to Edward and then starting to despise him, the folks turned against the Boggs family by not coming to their annual Christmas party.