Marek Martowicz aka fayansiarz

Marek Martowicz aka fayansiarz


The polish Ex-Soldier and Historian, Philosopher Marek Martowicz is one of the regular writers at Indeppth. He writes with a naturalistic, raw and unclinching style that brings the reader face to face with the subject matters. Mr Martowicz is a regular at the Indeppth forum, as well as at the Tim Burton Collective forums. He can always be found under the nickname "fayansiarz".


Notable articles of Marek Martowicz in

Johnny Depp & Marlon Brando — June 1, 2006

Arizona Dream — June 1, 2006

Once Upon a Time in Mexico



A few more photos of the writer, so the readers get a better picture about the man behind the words. Click on image for a bigger picture.



Marek doesn’t deny using alcohol.