L.A. Without a Map (1998)

L.A. Without a Map (1998)


Directed by Mika Kaurismäki

David Tennant as Richard
Vinessa Shaw as Barbara
Vincent Gallo as Moss
Saskia Reeves as Joy
Julie Delpy as Julie
Cameron Bancroft as Patterson
Leningrad Cowboys as themselves
Johnny Depp as Himself / William Blake (uncredited)

Johnny Depp has a small uncredited cameo in this movie directed by the Finnish Mika Kaurismäki (brother of the more famous Aki Kaurismäki). Johnny Depp appears in a few scenes as his Dead Man character William Blake (in a movie poster), and later as himself in a small scene. The director of Dead Man, Jim Jarmusch, is a good friend of both Aki and Mika Kaurismäki, and has previously appeared in both of their movies. The movie also features cameos by several other movie notables such as Anouk Aimée, Robert Davi, Jerzy Skolimowski and Monte Hellman.

Other than curiosities like these, the movie is a pretty enjoyable comedic drama-romance, starring David Tennant who later became famous as Doctor Who, and appeared as Barty Crouch Junior in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.