Slow Burn (1986)

Slow Burn (1986)


Directed by Matthew Chapman

Eric Roberts …. Jacob Asch
Beverly D’Angelo …. Laine Fleischer
Dennis Lipscomb …. Ron McDonald
Raymond J. Barry …. Gerald McMurty
Anne Schedeen …. Mona
Emily Longstreth …. Pam Draper
Johnny Depp …. Donnie Fleischer
Henry Gibson …. Robert
Dan Hedaya …. Simon Fleischer

Jacob Asch is hired by Gerald McMurty to find his ex-wife Laine and their son in Palm Springs. Jacob finds Laine and a teenager named Donnie who may or may not be Gerald’s son. He also finds an intricate web of deceit and betrayal that begin to lead to death. He takes it upon himself to unravel the mystery and find out who is killing people and why (IMDB).

Release info:
This little known Made for TV movie has never been released on Dvd, and we do not if there are any plans to release it. Best way to get is to purchase a secondhand copy of the old VHS from Amazon Marketplace. Currently copies are selling for less than 7 dollars.
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