Platoon (1986)

Platoon (1986)


Directed by Oliver Stone

Tom Berenger …. SSgt. Bob Barnes
Willem Dafoe …. Sgt. Elias Grodin
Charlie Sheen …. Pvt. Chris Taylor
Forest Whitaker …. Big Harold
Francesco Quinn …. Rhah
John C. McGinley …. Sgt. Red O’Neill
Richard Edson …. Sal
Kevin Dillon …. Bunny
Reggie Johnson …. Junior Martin
Keith David …. King
Johnny Depp …. Pvt. Gator Lerner
David Neidorf …. Tex
Mark Moses …. Lt. Wolfe
Chris Pedersen …. Crawford
Tony Todd …. Sgt. Warren


There is a brand new 20th anniversary Collector’s Edition dvd of Platoon. This set includes a commentary by Oliver Stone, deleted scenes , documentaries etc.

Platoon — 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (Widescreen) (1986)




Sgt Warren in Platoon was one of the earliest movie roles for Tony Todd, who later became known as the villain Candyman in the horror movie series of the same name. In recent years Tony Todd has become a regular face in the horror genre.