The Ninth Gate (1999)

The Ninth Gate (1999)


Directed by Roman Polanski

Johnny Depp …. Dean Corso
Frank Langella …. Boris Balkan
Lena Olin …. Liana Telfer
Emmanuelle Seigner …. The Girl
Barbara Jefford …. Baroness Kessler
Jack Taylor …. Victor Fargas
José López Rodero …. Pablo & Pedro Ceniza
Tony Amoni …. Liana’s Bodyguard
James Russo …. Bernie

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Random Trivia

Barbara Jefford, who plays the Baroness Kessler in The Ninth Gate, is also remembered as the Countess from ‘Lust for a Vampire’ (1971). The movie Lust for a Vampire was second in the Carmilla trilogy that was produced by the legendary Hammer film studios. These movies with lots of blood and lesbian vampires are still extremely enjoyable today and are very much recommended for all horror movie fans. The Hammer movies more generally were a huge influence on directors such as Tim Burton, and the Depp/Burton movie Sleepy Hollow is a direct homage to these classics.