The Man Who Cried (2000)

The Man Who Cried (2000)


Directed by Sally Potter

Christina Ricci …. Suzie
Cate Blanchett …. Lola
Claudia Lander-Duke …. Young Suzie
John Turturro …. Dante Dominio
Johnny Depp …. Cesar
Harry Dean Stanton …. Felix Perlman


a poem:


Cesar is a gypsy.
He lives in a camp.
His lifestyle´s quite simple,
though needs a revamp.
His family´s everyone
there is around,
accompanied by
6-string violin sound.
He takes part in an opera,
though without lines,
his horse leaves on stage
most remarkable signs.
He likes Suzie, the girl
with a covered -up past,
but their romance has never
been meant to have last.
For the war takes a price
from the people for real
just as well as the actors
on stage lose appeal.
He sees many losses,
and many to come,
he must stay and protect,
but Suzie must run.
So she takes a ship,
never waves him goodby,
and that´s when you finally
see that MAN CRY.

© Redfox