From Hell (2001)

From Hell (2001)


Directed by Albert and Allen Hughes

Johnny Depp …. Inspector Fred Abberline
Heather Graham …. Mary Kelly
Ian Holm …. Sir William Gull
Robbie Coltrane …. Sergeant Peter Godley
Ian Richardson …. Sir Charles Warren
Jason Flemyng …. Netley, the Coachman
Katrin Cartlidge …. Dark Annie Chapman
Terence Harvey …. Benjamin ‘Ben’ Kidney
Susan Lynch …. Liz Stride
Paul Rhys …. Dr. Ferral


"Allen and Albert Hugheses movie From Hell (2001) is a portrayal of the infamous Jack the Ripper case set in London of 1888 starring Johnny Depp, Heather Graham, and Robbie Coltrane. The notorious Jack the Ripper has been running amuck in the Whitechapel district murdering and dissecting prostitutes. Scotland Yard Inspector Fred Abberline (Depp), aided by his partner, Peter Godley (Coltrane), are on the case to figure out who this serial killer is and why he is killing these women in such a brutal manner. Abberline is an opium addict and when "chasing the dragon" he is able to have visions of the future, a certain psychic ability that allows him to solve cases. As Abberline and Godley investigate the crimes, they become acquainted with the prostitutes who were friends and colleagues of the victims. Abberline begins to fall in love with Mary Kelly (Graham), one of the prostitutes, or as the nobles called them "unfortunates", being hunted down by Jack the Ripper. Abberline digs deeper and deeper into the conspiracy and attempts to solve the case before Mary Kelly is the next victim." (IMDB)


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