Cry-Baby (1990)

Cry-Baby (1990)


Directed by John Waters

Johnny Depp as Wade ‘Cry-Baby’ Walker
Amy Locane as Allison Vernon-Williams
Susan Tyrrell as Ramona Rickettes
Polly Bergen as Mrs. Vernon-Williams, Allison’s Grandmother
Iggy Pop as Uncle Belvedere Rickettes
Ricki Lake as Pepper Walker
Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward


Review written by Lydia Encyclopedia:

Cinephiles are all familiar with John Waters: He’s the basic king of all things filthy, disgusting, and gloriously dirty. And he’s not afraid to show it in his movies; like this Johnny Depp “musical”, Cry Baby.
In Cry Baby, Waters, with Depp in the lead acting role basically stomps, pisses, spits on, and really just makes fun of the old Elvis movies and Juvenile “warnings” movies of yesteryear, which were meant to scare youngsters away from their wholesome “square” lifestyles.

The basic plot of the movie circles around young lady Allison Vernon-Williams (Played sweetly by Amy Locane) who falls in love with Depp’s character, Wade “Cry Baby” Walker, a slick rockabilly “Greaser” with the power to get into any girl’s err… “heart” by showing off his ability to shed a single tear. (Maybe Anthony Hopkins could have taken the role too, only I doubt he makes any girls besides me swoon.)

Allison can’t resist Wade’s world, so much more wild, fun, and free (The music is better too, and the music in this film is great, I might add.) as opposed to the stuffy world she inhibits with her non-risk taking friends and Grandma.
Inevitably, it is Wade that falls in love with Miss Allison the “square”, and it all comes down to a “dancing contest”.(Here is where the obvious Grease references obviously come up, in case you were too dense to get them before.)

All in all, this is not one of Johnny’s greatest movies, but it is a fun little piece of candy, especially with all the supporting cast in their hilarious roles. (One of the best being Ricki Lake as Pepper Walker)

Character Synopsis: Johnny Depp’s character, Wade “Cry Baby” is played with a comically stone-face, the only indication of it being real that single infamous tear drop that spots the corner. He’s playing the “bad boy” Which is a favorite of Depp, and during this era of his career, he tried his best to shatter that image of the “teen heartthrob” by going for the wackiest roles he could salvage, and this is among them. Cry baby hasn’t got much substance, but his quirkiness compensates.




Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. and Jim Carrey were considered for teh lead role before Johnny Depp was cast.