The Brave (1997)

The Brave (1997)


Written and directed by Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp …. Raphael
Marlon Brando …. McCarthy
Marshall Bell …. Larry
Elpidia Carrillo …. Rita
Frederic Forrest …. Lou Sr.
Clarence Williams III …. Father Stratton
Max Perlich …. Lou Jr.
Luis Guzmán …. Luis
Iggy Pop …. Man Eating Bird Leo


Raphael is a Native American living in his trailer home in the southwest. He is seen in jeans, an open button-down shirt, and bandana. He likes to present himself as a man who can take care of himself, while at the same time has a very vunerable side to him. He has many tattoos, showing that when he goes through an important experience he wants to have a permanent reminder of it, although, this could also be part of his facade, thinking that showing he can sit through the pain means something to others. He has a wife, son, and daughter, all of whom he loves very much. Though he is Native American, he has never practiced any of the teachings, or traditions, of his ancestors. Instead he would drink himself into a stupor, steal, and lie, all of which lead to his arrests. Raphael deeply regrets the decisions he has made in his past, and wants to become a stronger person, in all aspects of his life. Though he doesn’t have much, he treasures what he does have, his family, even though he did not always show that he feels this way. Raphael wants to be able to provide for his family, especially his children, so that they can grow and live in a life outside of poverty. He has a great sense of pride, or, more-often, a defensive nature towards himself and his family. Because of this, he rarely asks for help, except for one desperate situation he faces. He is quick to stand up for what he believes in, but even more so if his wife and children are involved. Unfortunately, this sometimes he goes too far. Some might say Raphael puts no value on his own life, but, by the end of his journey he seems to have more of a sense of life’s worth than before, which is only strengthened by the decision he makes.

Thanks for Cici_Rose for the character profile!