Fun Section



This is the fun section, where you will find different things that didn’t fit into the other sections. So basically; This is Where all the Fun is.


Role Origins — A page where you will discover all the different people and characters Johnny Depp has based his different roles in.

Gallery of Femmes — A collection of the best pictures out of the most beautiful of Depp’s female co-stars.

List of Johnny Depp Collaborator Profiles — A list of all the profiles we have of Johnny’s fellow actors.

Indeppth MySpace — Add Indeppth’s official MySpace profile to your friendlist!


Coming Soon to the Fun Section:

Scripts Archive: Contains original movie screenplays and transcripts for different Johnny Depp movies.

Fan Interviews: The purpose is to interview fans that are obsessed with specific Johnny Depp films, and to find out just what makes them a fan of that specific movie or character.




Ideas what more fun to include here? Suggest at the forum!