Edward D. Wood Jr.


The differences between the real life Ed Wood and the Ed Wood that Johnny Depp brough to screens are likely to be huge, but we are sure that Johnny’s portrayal of Ed was as good as it can get. He brings an endearing feeling of hope, positive energy and childlike enthusiasm to the character, and succeeds in shining through the whole movie despite heavy competition from a wonderful cast of supporting characters such as Bela Lugosi, Criswell, Vampyra and Tor Johnson.


Some of the best Ed Wood quotes from the movie:

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: This story’s gonna grab people. It’s about this guy, he’s crazy about this girl, but he likes to wear dresses. Should he tell her? Should he not tell her? He’s torn, Georgie. This is drama.

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Cut! That was perfect!

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: It’s not a monster movie. It’s a supernatural thriller.

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Listen, hit the bars, work some parties, and get me transvestites. I need transvestites. All right. Bye.

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Really? Worst film you ever saw. Well, my next one will be better. Hello. Hello.

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: This is the one. ‘This’ is the one I’ll be remembered for.

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: They’re driving me CRAZY. These Baptists are stupid. Stupid. STUPID.

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: What are you drinking, Bela?
Bela Lugosi: Formaldehyde
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Straight up or on the rocks?

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: I met Bela Lugosi.
Dolores Fuller: Why, I thought he was dead.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: No, he’s very much alive. Well, sort of.