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This page includes information about the different DVD releases of Depp’s movies. For now this page deals with R1 (American) DVD releases, but in the future I will make a separate page for European (mostly UK) releases.


Some great Johnny Depp related DVD releases:

1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — Criterion Collection e

Criterion Collection makes the very best dvds in the world, and the Fear and Loathing dvd set is one of their best releases. The dvd case is extremely stylish, holding inside two discs packed full of extras. Some of the best things found on these discs are the three commentary tracks, which are by 1: Director Terry Gilliam, 2: Actors Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro, and Producer Laila Nabulsi, 3: Author Hunter S. Thompson and Producer Laila Nabulsi.
The rest of the extras include deleted scenes with director commentary, storyboards, original artwork, documentaries, "A selection of Hunter S. Thompson’s correspondence read on-camera by Johnny Depp" , rare material on Oscar Acosta, trailers, still galleries, a booklet "featuring an essay by J. Hoberman and two pieces by Hunter S. Thompson " and much, much more.

I have to say — I have owned this dvd for a few years and I still haven’t gone through all the extras, but I am sure that this is some of the most interesting shit you are likely to find from any Johnny Depp dvd release.

2. The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection t

This one includes all the first 7 Freddy Krueger movies, the first one was Johnny Depp’s debute movie and the seventh included a small cameo by Johnny. This dvd box set is a must have for all fans of modern horror cinema. Of course, the sequels are quite uneven and none rise to the level of the first part, but still I would say this is a worthwile movie series to watch. Freddy Krueger’s enduring charisma stays fresh in each movie, making this a stronger string of films than for example the Friday the 13th and Halloween franchises were. The dvd set features all 7 movies on separate discs, plus an eight disc full of extras, including "interviews with cast members, all of the directors and the production design team. Plus never-before-available footage (like Freddy’s appearance on MTV!), music videos from the films, original press kit materials, and all 7 theatrical trailers. DVD-ROM content includes all seven screenplays, trivia games, and an interactive Freddy Krueger to haunt your computer!"

The box is nice and will look quite beautiful on your shelf, so if you are a fan of Krueger or horror movies, it is a good purchase.

Check out this slideshow for some other great Johnny Depp DVD’s: