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Peg Boggs

The sweet, always nursing, always attentive, petting Peg, played by Dianne Weist is one of the most memorable characters from the early movies of Johnny Depp. Dianne Weist, with her experience, has a lot more Leading Lady quality, in fact, than Johnny´s love interest at the time Winona Ryder. And you can never forget, how she sets things in motion in this movie with her «I think you better come HOME with me!»

Peg Boggs was the Mother Hen for Edward Scissorhands, a suburb housewife and Avon representative with a mission. She wanted to do good so desperately and never hesitated, but her good intentions were not met with equal respect from the suburb folks. After losing interest to Edward and then starting to despise him, the folks turned against the Boggs family by not coming to their annual Christmas party.

Mike Starr

Mike Starr


Mike Starr is one of those actors whose name you may not know, but whose face is sure to be familiar to you from at least a dozen different movies or tv-shows. He appeared with Johnny Depp in Ed Wood, and also acted in the Tim Burton produced James and the Giant Peach.

He has appeared in 2 or more movies directed by: Woody Allen, The Coen Brothers, Brian De Palma, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese and Lewis Teague. Native from Queens, New York, he is a regular face in any movie taking place in the Big Apple.









His brother, Beau Starr, is also a profilic actor. Beau Starr appeared in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 as Sheriff Ben Meeker.

Kim Boggs

Kim Boggs

Played by Johnny´s love interest in real life Winona Ryder, later reduced to Wino-praising tattoo on the his arm, Kim Boggs is at forst, could be said, a teen rebel, who hangs out with friends of no angel choir. She gets a thourough fright at her first meeting with Edward, who «wets» her bed and is, clearly, a lot more terrified by this teenage drama queen than she is by him. Her mother Peg as a peacemaker, she is then «properly» introduced to Edward, who is so stunned by either the sight of Kim or Bill´s nerve calmer lemonade, that he crashes a onto the floor.

Through several peculiar, funny and sweet encounter

Marek Martowicz aka fayansiarz

Marek Martowicz aka fayansiarz


The polish Ex-Soldier and Historian, Philosopher Marek Martowicz is one of the regular writers at Indeppth. He writes with a naturalistic, raw and unclinching style that brings the reader face to face with the subject matters. Mr Martowicz is a regular at the Indeppth forum, as well as at the Tim Burton Collective forums. He can always be found under the nickname "fayansiarz".


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Marek doesn’t deny using alcohol.

Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre

«Yes, there are cigarettes!»

"Yes, there are cigarettes!"


Example right-aligned image

An article about The Ninth Gate and cigarettes, written by Okagesan

Yes, Johnny Depp is known to smoke in real life, but in this movie, we have atleast a pair of brand cigarettes to analyze. I will compare them to the signs of evil and death, and also the sexuality of the entire movie. Not to mention, Depp looks good with a cigarette in his hand, right ladies?

Here, we have Dean Corso (Johnny Depp), as a rare book investigator, working for the big book publisher, Boris Balkan (Frank Langella). Corso is sent on a mission to seek out the other two copies of a book that Balkan just received, The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows. Along the, in this thriller Corso has a number of cigarettes.

Dean Corso’s signature cigarette is the Lucky Strike. The product originated as a "cut-plug chewing tobacco" but eventually evolved into cigarette before the acquirement of it by the American Tobacco League (ATC). This allowed the ATC to have a rival product against R.J. Reynold’s Camel. "Lucky Strike separates the men from the boys….but not from the girls" was their tag line in the early ’60s.

Aside from being considered "the absolutely best cigarette in the world.," it is considered high class and gourmet, much like the alternative cigarette-type, the kretek (see Djarum Blacks), notably for its lack of filter, which was the acclaimed reason for the strong and scrumptious taste. The current distributor, Brown & Williamson, introduced filtered styles in 1996, in San Francisco. This made the cigarette once more popular among the primary cigarette demographic (which is disputably all 14 to 24 year old males).

The next cigarette in this show case is the ever-so-famous kretek (and my personal favorite), the Djarum Black. Kretek’s are made of a clove and tobacco blend. The "Black" is 40% clove and 60% tobacco. This makes the "Black" considered roughly the same strength as "Medium 100", the primary medium-strength Marlboro. The resulys of a loose survey say that the "Black" is much more potent than the "Medium 100", perhaps due to the clove smell. Aside from the herb in the cigarette, there is more to the "Black"; it has a "sauce" composed of cinammon, clove and cardomom. This flavoring is absolutely apparent once you take a drag and then lick your lips. One description of the taste is "like a gingerbread cookie".

The appearance of the single most popular kretek is during the seduction scene in Corso’s apartment. The widow, Liana Telfer (Lena Olin) attempts to recover the book from Corso, through sex. Before committing the deed, she opens up a small cigarette case (a tin big enough for 6-10 cigarettes of varying sizes) and retrieves a "Black". One infuriating detail about this scene is that Telfer only has 2-3 drags from the expensive cigarette before putting it out. Many smokers would refuse to put out that cigarette so soon, even for sex (which was the case, in this instance).

Symbolically, the "clove", because of its tasty reputation, is a female cigarette, particularly in the United States. Much like how tasty alcoholic beverages (Smirnoff, Bacardi, Pina Colada, and so on) are called "bitch-drinks", clove is looked at as a "bitch-smoke". Female characters in movies often smoke a clove cigarette, especially "Blacks", Djarum Specials, or any sub-brand that has an off-colored rolling paper. These darker rolls convey a sense of seduction, match the traditional "little black dress" and obviously look richer than the average Marlboro Ultralight.

Cigarettes, such as the olde-tyme favorite, Lucky Strikes, ring out nostalgia. A book collector like Corso is very much involved with older cultures, and all about the time periods that produced the classic literature he trades. He seems to be a bachelor that is very much in touch with his roots, although he may not announce such a thing. Even though Corso is a bastard of a mercenary, his choice of cigarette easily heightens his attractiveness (which may actually have more to do with his character being played by Depp).

Any smoke, including cigars and marijuana, has a very powerful theme involved. Death is very much an undertone in a movie such as Polanski’s latest. Smoking causes harm to the body, with tar, nicotine, fumes, tobacco, and ashes. It is a very simple way to cause premature death. One who smokes will always be attached to the stigma of a "dead person walking". Amongst cancer, emphesema, and heart trouble, the smell of a cigarette can be related to a corpse burning, perhaps from the inside out. It is common knowledge that burning flesh is not a pleasant smell.

Cigarettes are very much the most general thing about our world, these days. You could argue that more people smoke than are able to eat. But even when cigarettes are this popular, very rarely do they play in a movie as a silent character. When watching The Ninth Gate or any other movie featuring a cigarette, don’t just rub it off as a logo-placement. Think of the implications these cigarettes make—what type of cigarette it is will help determine what type of taste the character smoking them prefers. It adds to the environment and develops the habits of a character.

July 3, 2006, Okagesan,




21 Jump Street (TV Series)

21 Jump Street (TV Series)


Johnny Depp played the part of Officer Tom Hanson from 1987 to 1989.

As he first appeared in the show’s pilot, Tom Hanson was an eager but inept young police officer, incapable of getting the respect required to subdue criminals due to the fact that he looked even younger than he was. After bumbling the apprehension of some criminals and getting his partner’s nose broken, Tom was moved to the Jump Street division, where his high schooler looks would be an asset rather than a hindrance. Tom was a real square at that point in the show. His sport of choice was bowling, he broke cover at the drop of a hat, and was quite put out when he was required to have an ear pierced and dress in grubby clothes. As the show went on, however, audience reactions to Tom caused the writers to take a different look at his character. With Johnny Depp fast becoming a teen hearthrob, it seemed appropriate to the makers of the that he should be playing the sort of "bad boy" that teen hearthorbs are supposed to play. Tom remained a bowler, but he stopped being a square. He became a bad boy with a heart of gold—one that stoop to anything in order to "do the right thing." He broke the law, got a tattoo, crashed parties, and angsted. While he may not have been a very deep character, Tom was at least a stepping stone in Depp’s career.

Thanks to TheCollector for the character information.



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A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)


Directed by Wes Craven

John Saxon …. Lt. Thompson
Ronee Blakley …. Marge Thompson
Heather Langenkamp …. Nancy Thompson
Amanda Wyss …. Tina Gray
Jsu Garcia …. Rod Lane (as Nick Corri)
Johnny Depp …. Glen Lantz
Charles Fleischer …. Dr. King
Joseph Whipp …. Sgt. Parker
Robert Englund …. Freddy Krueger

This classic of the modern horror movie was directed by Wes Craven in 1984. It injected life to the teen-slasher genre that had been vibrant for the first years of the 80’s, but which was already growing tired. Nightmare on Elm Street captivated audiences with its thrillingly directed action sequences, surreal, supernatural dream sequences and especially with the introduction of the character of Freddy Krueger. Mean, nasty, but always so devilishly enjoyable and funny, Freddy Krueger gave nightmares to children and teenagers all over the world.

A Nightmare on Elm Street was, and still is a complete horror movie; Good production values, memorable characters, well directed death scenes and an intriguing storyline. Robert Englund completely dominates this movie (and especially all the sequels) with his performance as the deranged child killer Freddy. This was surely the role of a lifetime for him; at the time this is being written (April 2006) he is filming a new TV-Series where he again plays Freddy Krueger. In total he has appeared in 8 movies and 2 TV-Series’ as Freddy.

The original Nightmare on Elm Street also features John Saxon in the role of Lieutenant Thompson (Nancy’s father). Prolific genre regular Saxon is familiar from movies such as Enter the Dragon, Tenebrae and From Dusk Till Dawn. What some people may forget (except Depptologists that is) is that the movie also features the first ever feature film performance by the young Johnny Depp. Depp plays a teenager named Glen Lantz whose exit from the movie is one of the most memorable scenes of the whole Elm Street series.



Years later, Depp also had a small cameo in the sixth Krueger movie; Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.

If you are interested in A Nightmare on Elm Street and its sequels, we recommend you to get the The Nightmare on Elm Street Collections , which includes the first 7 movies in the same box.





Private Resort (1985)

Private Resort (1985)


Directed by George Bowers

Rob Morrow …. Ben
Johnny Depp …. Jack
Emily Longstreth …. Patti
Karyn O’Bryan …. Dana
Hector Elizondo …. The Maestro
Dody Goodman …. Mrs. Rawlings
Tony Azito …. Reeves
Hilary Shepard …. Shirley (as Hilary Shapiro)
Leslie Easterbrook …. Bobbie Sue
Michael Bowen …. Scott
Lisa London …. Alice
Andrew Dice Clay …. Curt (as Andrew Clay)

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Yes this is the movie where Johnny appears nude.