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Here you will find a vast collection of Articles, features, scans of magazine articles etc.


The realm of hallucination in Depp movies. — February 8, 2008.
— A great new article discussing the hallucinatory moments in Johnny Depp movies, written by redfox.

How to Create your own Katrina Van Tassell costume — September 3, 2006
— A dream article for anyone planning a cool Halloween costume, written by Morgana

"Yes, there are cigarettes!" — July 4, 2006
— An article about The Ninth Gate and cigarettes, written by Okagesan

Infinitum Nihil: Johnny Depp’s Best-Kept Secret — June 28, 2006
— An Article about Johnny Depp’s production company , written by Mortsmuse

"Well at Least They Got the Address Right" — June 17, 2006
— An article dealing with the historical origins for the movie From Hell, written by Morgana.

Johnny Depp & Marlon Brando — June 1, 2006
— An article written by Polish Film Expert Marek Martowicz.

Arizona Dream — June 1, 2006
Marek Martowicz takes a look at this movie directed by Emir Kusturica

Writings by Estonian researcher Redfox, discussing a few select Johnny Depp movies:

Redfox on Gilbert Grape

Redfox on Dead Man

Redfox on the character Nobody from ‘Dead Man’

Redfox on Chocolat

Much more of Redfox writings can be found on different sections of the site, check out different movie pages to find them!



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